Talks from the Trap – this week’s Interview with Shareen Davis

This Week’s Fish ~ Captain’s Catch, a mixture of blues, scup and fluke! Each week new updates will be included on the catch – species sheets with recipes and seasonality, sustainability information will be under the About tab.

Talks from the Traps is a new section of the blog, pretty much focusing weekly on things coastal – whether it be people, fish, science or whether, the weather. Trap talk is about anything related to how we live in a town by the sea…. first talk is with Shareen Davis, the new outreach coordinator for the Massachusetts Fishermen’s Partnership and visionary of the new Trap space at her family’s commercial fishing dock on Stage Harbor.

Shareen Davis

early years fishing the weirs

Lucky you  who got their black sea bass last week enjoyed it because as of 24 May, the black sea bass fishery is now closed.  Fortunately for you and the fish – those fish still swimming in the weirs were released after Ernie’s quota was taken.

Black sea bass are in and offshore at different times, and what happens inshore is often based on what happens further out.  However, inshore is state, and offshore – federal….and how the fish are counted, or caught happens in both. Have a quick look at the complexity of regulations….

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