Transnational Summits and Local Throwdowns!

This week’s updates include a rundown on the trip Morgan and I made to the  National Summit on Community Supported Fisheries held in Portsmouth last week in Trap Talk….along with a few new pages in regular feature sections.

Coming up this Sunday, the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance and the Maritime Museum will have the first Cape Cod Seafood Throwdown  in Hyannis.  Throwdowns have been a success across the country that highlight the talents of our local chefs with a local species caught in our weirs. Details follow:

—Exec. Chef Daniel Kenney of Sea Crest Beach Hotel and Exec. Chef Ben Porter of Belfry Inn will go  head-to-head in a cooking competition inspired by local seafood. Each participant brings only their favorite cooking vessels/utensils, presentation plates and three of their favorite ingredients. Once there, they discover the secret seafood ingredient, provided by Cape Cod Community Supported Fishery, and are given $25 to shop the Mid-Cape Farmer’s Market farm stand as their pantry, and then an hour to prepare, cook and plate their dish for three judges. Chefs will also create enough to offer a small tasting to the public –

Updates on regular features ~  We have some new links in  Your Fish spotlighting two blogs  under the Butterfish page –  the Dented Bucket, a link to   JP Lee’s great story, “the fish that built a port” Also, an  interesting link on a collective in RI called “Eating the Ecosystem.” There’s an interesting piece on understanding the connections between the ecosystems and how we eat specific to place – Georges Bank, Southern NE and the Gulf of Maine…. all waters our fishermen fish.

In Food – please  check out  Safe Handling of your Fish – including some tips on safe transport, as well as freezing and thawing should you choose not to cook right away. For those still struggling with filleting a fish – I posted a video from our friends up at Port Clyde with a demonstration.

finally, please bear with me on finishing up while updating what’s new in the blog — there will be things popping up from time to time – but a guarantee of new content every Wednesday…it’s late Monday night now…check your emails tuesday am for Capt. Ernie’s report….to be soon regularly “tweeted.”

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