Notes from Shannon on today’s pickup at Chatham Farmer’s Market

Hello CSF Shareholders,
Today is a MIXED BAG of fine fishy goodies, and we’ve doubled up from last week’s missed day of fishing.
We will have tips on freezing fish at the pick up, so you can enjoy these great species in future weeks.
You will likely see a lot of the same species as many of the prior weeks, but I can’t quite tell you what they are because they haven’t been landed yet–it’s that fresh folks!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Chatham Farmers Market today. And don’t forget to pick up other fun meats, produce, bread, herbs, and desserts in support of the area’s local farmers and bakers!

As this is the last week of the our Spring 2012 Weir Harvest CSF share, we would all like to say THANK YOU for your support. It’s been a good season for us fishing, and we’re happy to share it with you all!

Shannon, Linda & Scott, Shareen, Meri, Morgan, & Capt. Eldredge

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