Community Supported Fisheries are a seaside version of earlier CSA’s that have successfully united small family farms with local communities, providing farm fresh, nutritious food to consumers who directly take part in sharing the responsibility of bringing in a crop.  CSF’s do the same by keeping dollars in our community to bring in fish.

Here on the Lower Cape, we’ve begun to work with our local fishermen to do the same for you.  What you can expect is a  share of fish agreed upon for a prepaid price on a weekly basis. Shares are negotiated at the beginning of each SEAson, and the price is set based upon the avaialability of local seasonal fish.

Although CSF’s around the country participate under a wide variety of marketing schemes – all commit to the following core principles ~ to:

  • Establish a transparent chain-of-custody from boat to fork;
  • Increase access to premium, locally caught seafood;
  • Ensure fishers receive a fair price for their catch that reflects the value of their work;
  • Engage fishers and community members in more robust, viable, local food systems;
  • Provide a framework through which fishers and customers alike can creatively steward our marine resources.

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