Your Fish

Cape Cod Community Supported Fisheries is offering Chatham Weir caught fish.  Our fish comes to you from the freshest most sustainable way of fishing.    From our dock on Stage Harbor in Chatham we provide a variety of fish; Squid, Scup, Butterfish, Black Sea Bass, and Mackerel.

CSF’s or short for Community Supported Fisheries are a seaside version of earlier CSA’s that have successfully united small family farms with local communities.  Our family fishing practice is an artisanal and sustainable way of fishing. Weirs are semi-permanent structures in the waters off in Nantucket Sound.  Weir caught fish are harvested daily,  the fish are alive until harvested and whatever cannot be brought in for market is put back into the ocean alive and in good condition.

Much of the seafood we supply is seasonal and often not found in your local grocery store or fish market. In order to assure you of the sustainability of our catch, all species will be accompanied with creative recipes, archived on this site, and a species sheet with information on how your fish was caught, current science conducted at the weirs and a species overview obtained from recognized managment plans. Because we are offering whole fish we will also include handling information regarding how to process and serve your fish at home. Videos and offsite information demonstrating filleting are included in the resources section.

If you have a favorite way of preparing a certain type of fish or shellfish, we welcome you to share it.

Fish are seasonal and following this link will take you to the Buy Fresh Buy Local seafood seasonality chart giving you good guidance on when certain species are in season.

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