Your Fishermen

Connecting Fishermen to Markets

Cape Cod CSF was started as a way to connect fish that come into the weirs to a viable local market. The Eldredge family have been fishing all their lives and can trace the history of the weir traps back to the early days of founding Chatham. Sadly, traps once prevalent around Cape Cod are being replaced by a larger fishing industry serving global markets that chip away at the economy of local communities with rising fuel prices and decreased buying prices.

Our goal is to provide a market to trap fishermen and their families by offering locally caught, fresh seafood to the immediate community through weekly CSF (community supported fishery) shares. We also partner with George’s Fish Market, a locally owned Cape Cod business helping us to land our fish and offer dayboat scallops to shares.

Capt. Ernie, Russell and Shannon fishing the weirs, May 2012

We strive to be as transparent and guarantee you the species indicated in your weekly share by serving whole fish straight from our local waters.  The bottom line is that small-scale fishermen are a tremendous source in our community’s offerings, and including them as producers in our regional food shed is vital. We emphasize small-scale as we believe that small-scale fisheries protect and support marine eco-systems, livelihoods and the larger health of communities.

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