What Are & Who Is @ the Weirs

What is a weir?

Fish Weirs are semi-permanent structures in the waters off in Nantucket Sound. The practice is an artisanal seasonal and sustainable way of fishing.  Weir caught fish are harvested daily, the fish are alive until harvested and whatever cannot be brought in for market is put back into the ocean alive and in good condition.

Shannon Eldredge explains the function and dynamics of weir fishing.

Captain Eldredge

Captain Ernie Eldredge grew up on the waters of Nantucket Sound, fishing with his father, Lester.  At an early age he took over Chatham Fisheries and has continued this historic way of fishing for the last 40 years.  Cape Cod CSF’s goal is to provide locals with fresh area-caught fish in season at a price that facilitates a sustainable community economy, and directly supports our coastal fishermen and fishery-associated businesses. All our efforts, (fishermen, farmers and local food groups) are dedicated to ensuring the support of our regional economy, as well as satisfying the palate and health of local families and summer seasonal patrons.

Owen Nichols

(coming soon….)

in the meantime, take a drive to the end of Sea Street, in Harwichport and have a look at the real thing.

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